Saturday, March 15, 2014

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Charity Sub - Prison Epidemic

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Charity Sub Selection
Combating the Prison Epidemic!


Nearly everyone wants to live in a country that is “tough on crime”, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on the formerly incarcerated. Over 650,000 people are released from Federal and State prisons each year, and there are very few opportunities available to them on the outside.

Being an ex-con has stigmas that are very hard to overcome. Because of this, unemployment among the formerly incarcerated

is staggeringly high, 60% after one year. These conditions contribute to recidivism, 63% are rearrested within 3 years of release, and the obscene cost of incarceration in the US.

This month, CharitySub sheds some light on the prison epidemic. Our donations go to organizations that are doing great work creating opportunities for prisoners, their families, and helping them adjust to life after lock-up.

Charity Sub has picked three charities that have been proven to make a difference in the Prison Epidemic. You can help by choosing one and donating $5.

The three Charities are Defy Ventures, Justice For Families, & Prison Policy Initiative

Learn more about how these three Charities help HERE
*Info gathered from the Charity Sub Website*


Timitra said...

Definitely food for thought...Thanks for sharing.

Tina B said...

Thank you for sharing some facts.
I, personally, think they should have more rehabilitation programs so we don't keep having repeat offenders.
I know from personal (family) experience how hard it is for some to find jobs after being released.

Mary Preston said...

The statistics are scary.