Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Simply Romance Television!!

My friends over at Fresh Fiction have a new and exciting thing to celebrate and I want to help them out!

Fresh Fiction's BUY THE BOOK will be a segment on GOOD MORNING TEXAS tomorrow, May 2nd!!

Gwen Reyes will be doing a 4 minute video segment with GOOD MORNING TEXAS co-host Amy Vanderoef on Wednesday May 2 @9AM Channel 8.

She’ll be talking about books with the same themes as 50 SHADES OF GREY but not hard core erotica. In other words, she’s talking ROMANCES, you know that new fiction everyone’s reading? In PUBLIC!!!!

Please show your Love of romance by supporting these lovely ladies and this awesome opportunity to talk about Romance.

Even if you are not in the viewing area the segments will be available online HERE

This opportunity is a three month try out and could lead to a regular feature if there is enough support. Please watch if you can and comment where ever possible on the Station site WFFA, Facebook or Twitter with your support.

What is even more awesome is
GOOD MORNING TEXAS is allowing the
segment to be connected to Fresh Fiction. Viewers will be able to head over to Fresh Fiction to talk about the books featured in the segments!

Let's Spread the Romance Love with our support! :)


Tina B said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to see it! Thanks for letting me know. :)

Timitra said...

This sounds like a really good segment-thanks for the heads up Ali!

Harlie Reader said...

I DVR'd it. That station is in my market. Loved it. :)


Harlie Reader said...

Love Fresh Fiction, too.

Maria pronounced Mariah said...

I live in Dallas but never get to watch the news. Of course that probably has more to do with the fact that all my free time is spent with my nose in a book.

Anyway, I love that books are getting TV time! Very cool!

Harlie Reader said...

Maria pronounced Mariah....You live in Dallas? I grew up there and moved about an hour southeast of Dallas. Wow, small world.


Sara Reyes said...

Hey all you Texan readers / bloggers. So nice to meet you!

And yes, you don't even need to live here to watch the segment: Ali provided the link in her part 2 (THANK YOU SO MUCH ALI)

Still time to check it out!

We're now looking for books to highlight for 5/21 send suggestions to us at FreshFiction.com

Harlie Reader said...

*waves to Sara* I adore Fresh Fiction. What types of books are you looking for?