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Simply Ali Spotlights Samantha Kane!!

Today Simply Ali welcomes Samantha Kane to her Authors After Dark Birthday Bash!!

Take a look at Samantha's latest release Arms of Love from Ellora's Cave
Arms of Love by Samantha Kane is a print anthology featuring

Brothers in Arms, Book Three.

Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt. Now they're back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other. Their plan, however, also requires a wife. At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Valentine and Kurt believe the financial security they can offer to impoverished widow Leah Marleston will help her accept the unusual sexual relationship they are suggesting.

Leah is at her wit's end, creditors having taken everything she owns to pay off her late husband's gambling debts. She must find a way to support herself and her two children, or be forced to marry her abusive and obsessive brother-in-law. In Valentine's and Kurt's arms, Leah discovers a passion she never knew existed. Brought together by necessity, bonded by desire, these three lonely people find themselves fighting against all odds for a love that was never part of their plans.


Book 9 in the Brothers in Arms series.

Lady Vanessa Carlton-Smythe is from one of England’s most well-respected families and the daughter of an earl. She has lived an exemplary life—the perfect daughter, the perfect lady. Until one Christmas Eve, when she meets two men who unleash her secret desires. She can’t surrender her heart, only her body, and only for the next twelve days. After Twelfth Night, their affair must end and she will return to a life that is slowly suffocating her.

Veterans Nick and Oliver have been constant companions since Waterloo. They share everything, including women and a bad reputation. When Lady Vanessa catches them in a compromising position, they are seduced by the longing in her eyes. Cool, distant, unattainable—the more she protests, the more they want her. Vanessa’s desires prompt the two men to finally give in to their feelings and become lovers. When desire becomes love, can they convince Vanessa to leave her privileged life behind and surrender to them forever?

Samantha Kane lives in North Carolina with her husband of fourteen years and three children, two boys and one girl. She spent seven years as a high school history teacher before becoming a full time writer and mom. Ms. Kane has a Master's degree in American History.

She loves to hear from readers, so please email her anytime.


NEW SERIES ALERT!: I just signed a contract with Random House/Bantam Loveswept for a new mainstream (non-erotic) Regency historical series called The Saint’s Devils. The first book, The Devil’s Thief, is scheduled for release this November. It will be the first new historical release by the new Loveswept line.

Ali: Is there an author that makes you go all “fangirl?”

Sam: A bunch of them! I just fangirled on Robin Schone at the Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention. I swear I almost bowed down before her in the aisle at the book signing. It was embarrassing. I think I stuttered, too. Lee Child, same reaction. And then I smiled like a complete stalkery loon when we had our picture taken. (The evidence is on my website. Don’t look.) I approached J.R. Ward at an RT convention a couple of years ago with eyes cast down and my knee ready to genuflect. I swear, I have no pride.

Ali: If you could co-write with another author who would it be and why?

Sam: I have! I co-wrote a western steampunk, Engine No.9, with my critique partner and best friend, Mari Freeman. We decided to do it for several reasons. The story was so damn good we had to write it, first of all. But for those who are familiar with our work, we are almost complete opposites. And that was the real incentive. I’m very character focused when I write, dialogue and characterization are my strong points, and, of course, my historical background (I have a master’s degree in History.) One of my strengths is also the male POV. Mari writes paranormal and contemporary romantic comedies with kick-ass heroines, and she’s got a science background. So for writing an alternate-history-science fiction-western steampunk with a secret agent heroine and a Shane-type hero set in 1869 Texas, we were the perfect fit. (Did I mention Mari grew up in Texas?) And it was so much fun to write that with my best friend. P.S. This book is new, and is being reviewed by several editors right now. As soon as we have a sale and a release date, I’ll let you know!

Ali: What are you looking forward to most about AADNola?

Sam: Seeing friends! Having just returned from a conference yesterday, I have to wait until Nola to see them again.

I’m also looking forward to debuting my new Regency historical romance from Bantam Loveswept, The Devil’s Thief. I’ll be doing an exclusive first reading from my new book in the Historical Readers’ Event there. The Devil’s Thief is the first book of my new series, The Saint’s Devils, and will be released in November.

After renewing friendships and debuting my new book, I’d have to say I’m looking forward to the workshops/panels. AAD has the best panels of any convention I’ve attended. They put together some great topics and authors. I’ll be on the Sci Fi/Fantasy, Menage, and Western panels at AAD this year, in addition to the Historical Reading event.

Ali: The world is under attack and you are forced to run for your life. You only have room for one book in your survival kit, what book do you take?

Sam: How To Stay Alive in the Woods, by Bradford Angier. (My sons are Boy Scouts, and swear by this book.)

Ali: Who are your favorite literary characters? (Yours or someone else’s)

I’m going to pick someone else’s. LOL I can’t pick just five of my own.

1. Jack Reacher (Lee Child)
2. Bigwig (Richard Adams)
3. Eve Dallas (J.D. Robb)
4. Rand Morgan (Laura London, aka Tom and Sharon Curtis)
5. Randy Bragg (Pat Frank)

Ali: Are there any of your secondary characters you would like to give more life to?

Sam: Evan Michaels, the Unitarian minister from my m/m romance Cherry Pie. I’ve started his story, but had to put it aside to meet other obligations. But I’m going to return to Evan, and Mercury, North Carolina, soon.

My Brothers In Arms series has so many secondary characters waiting for their stories. Daniel’s is coming next, later this year. But then there’s Simon, and Ambrose Wetherald, and Barnabas James, and Devlin O’Shaughnessy, and Dr. Thomas Peters, and Kitty Markham, and…lol. I want to give life to all my secondary characters.

Ali: If you friends were asked to describe you in one word what would it be?

Sam: Forgetful

*Favorite color: Blue, maybe. Sometimes pink. Although I like light green. (I’m ruining this, aren’t I?)

*Favorite food: Ugh. None. I just discovered I have a ton of food allergies and eating is a minefield. I hate everything right now.

*Boots or heels: Boots. I’m ashamed of how many pairs I have. It’s truly embarrassing.

*eReader or Print: ereader, Kindle to be exact.

*Beer, Liquor or Wine: Again, ugh. I’m allergic. But I used to love Corona and Moscato.

Favorite place to get it on besides the bedroom: Uh…okay. That would be…the shower.

*Favorite TV Show: The Voice. I’m obsessed. I’d want Christina as my coach, but my favorite is Blake. He’s so dang cute.

*Favorite Book series (besides your own): J.R. Ward’s BDB. It’s my crack.

*Pj’s or Lingerie: PJs. My husband would faint if I walked out in anything remotely sexy. TMI? Sorry to burst your romance-writers-wear-sexy-stuff-and-eat-chocolate-all-the-time bubble.

*Vampires vs. Shifters: Tough one. Other than BDB, I don’t really do vamps. So I guess shifters. I like Shelly Laurenston’s books a lot.

Want to learn more about Samantha? Here are some links...


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Cynthia Garcia said...

I am so jealous you were that close to Jr I would love to meet her! Thank you!

Abby said...

What? No Roarke love? Lol. I like Dallas too! She's so spunky! And the books sound so great! Yummy! I want to read them!

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

savannah said...

:) I like Shelly's books a lot too!! Did you read her latest Bear meets girl? Oh and Shelly and Cynthia Eden have a anthology coming out soon Howl for it her story is about Deann's mom and dad!!

Arms of Love sounds like an amazing read I can't wait to check it out :)
Oh and yes Blake is very cute ;)

michele said...

Great interview!! Need to check out this series!!!!

Do the books need to be read in order or can you read them as stand alones?

Thanks for stopping by Samantha :)

StacieD said...

I'm sorry for all of your food allergies. I have family with the same issues. I developed an allergy to strawberries a few years ago. I used to love them but they are forbidden. I feel your pain. :(

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Samantha, on your new contract! I don't have any food allergies but I cannot have penicillin. Makes it hard for doctors to give me meds when I'm sick.

Laura K

Maria D. said...

Congratulations on the new contract Samantha! How exciting. I am just now finding out about food allergies too and it's just such a sad experience going from eating anything I wanted to almost I can certainly sympathize with you! Thanks for the great giveaway! I have the first couple of books in the Brother's in Arms series and need to get the time to read them.

junegirl63 at gmail dot com

Maria pronounced Mariah said...

You sound like me...Kindle loving and pj wearing (usually mix-matched)! I also love Shelly Laurenston and who doesn't love JR Ward, seriously!

Thanks for the chance!
mmafsmith at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

Congratulations on the great news! I like the BDB series, too.


Samantha Kane said...

Abby~ love Roarke, too, but could only pick 5!

Savannah~ I haven't read Bear Meets Girl, but it's on my TBR. I have to write my own books first. :)

Michele~ The books are stand alone, but readers have told me they think you'll get more out of them if you read them in order. But readers who didn't do that say it doesn't matter. lol

And, yep, food allergies stink. Thanks for all the congrats and for stopping by!!

erin said...

Congrats on the new release! Thanks for a fun post and giveaway. I'm definitely interested in checking out more of Ms. Kane's books, as she is a new to me author.

Have fun at the conference!

SusanR said...

LOVED Cherry Pie! Glad you are going back there - I can't wait.

Between my daughter and I, we have had most food allergies. It really sucks when you first have to make the changes, but after a month or two it gets easier (once you read every label known to man!). If you need any recipes or tips, email me. I am good at this point at converting recipes and finding the better tasting versions of substitues. Hang in there - it gets easier and you will feel much better.

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Cathy M said...

So glad you had a great time at RT. Great interview, Samantha, and that list of literary picks are some of my favorite's too.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Man that has to really bites about the food allergies. I know whenever I have to cook I have to do without tomaotes since hubby's allergic and I stay away from foods with high yellow food dye count.!/RaonaidLuckwell/status/193107493763821569

Harlie Reader said...

Samantha I loved your cougar book from EC, too. :)

Congratulations on the new book deal. I love historicals.


Vanessa N. said...

Congrats! Thanks for the giveaway.

Chelsea B. said...

Food allergies! Oh, gosh, that sucks! As a complete lover of food, I would die. Simple as that ;-)
Nice chatting! :-)


marybelle said...

I can see I am going to love Nick & Oliver.


Mich said...

Sorry about the food allergies - I emphathize. That's no fun at all!

I think Eve Dallas is such a great character - and Roarke too, of course!

kianeeko AT gmail DOT com

Carol L. said...

Samantha, congrats on your new contract with Random House. That's wonderful. I hope the prize is a print otherwise don't enter me for the contest as I can't read e-books.
But I love the sound of your series and will put it on my TRL. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Limecello said...

Hi Samantha - ooo Arms of Loves sound really good. :D Who doesn't enjoy a good MFM (or however organized) story!?

Hee - really cute answers. And I'm sooo jealous of all your convention/conference fun!

Melissa B said...

Congrats on your new book contract! That's awesome!

And great interview..I love Eve, too...and you have to check out Charley Davidson in Darynda Jones books. She's like a funnier Eve, I adore her!

kog said...

I love your fangirl moments! I can imagine myself doing the same thing, especially speed talking!

Stella Ex Libris said...

Lol good to see you can't choose only one favourite colour either, it changes with my ever mood as well :-)

Glad to have discovered you and your books, there just aren't enough yummy ménages :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com