Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simply Ali Spotlights Mari Freeman!!

Today Simply Ali welcomes Author Mari Freeman to her Authors After Dark Birthday Bash!!

Check out her latest release!

About To Blow
by Mari Freeman

Valkyrie's Vow, Book 1

Ellora's Cave Publishing

For a thousand years, Mist has shepherded battle-slain warriors to their choice of Valhalla or Asgard. It’s the task she was charged with upon her own death, the mission she chose when becoming Valkyrie. Never before has she fallen for one of those warriors. But then, never has she felt emotions like those evoked by Kurt Stone.

As an undercover cop, Kurt expected a shortened life. He didn’t expect an afterlife spent jumping from realm to realm, screwing a tattooed hottie who makes his blood boil. He should be choosing his next destination, but he’d rather spend eternity indulging in Mist’s delectable body.

The vicious betrayal that led to her death has made Mist reluctant to trust, let alone love. If Kurt can help her face ancient demons, they both might find their idea of Heaven…together.

Read and Excerpt HERE.

Ali: Is there an author that makes you go all “fangirl?”

Mari: Yeah. Stephen King would probably do that. But within the romance genre, I would say it's a little different. I've met so many of the greats at conferences and have spent time chatting with them that I don't get quite the flutters I used to. I did go fan girl on Mary Janice Davidson in a big way at the Romantic Times convention a few years ago. It was really embarrassing since I was dressed as a vampire killer at the time in leather pants and a skull corset. I'm sure I scared the crap out of her.

Ali: If you could co-write with another author who would it be and why?

Mari: This dream I've gotten to live out. I've co-written a western steampunk series with the amazing Samantha Kane. Our rock star agent, Eric Ruben, is currently trying to find the series a place to live. I look forward to the first book coming out and writing more with Sam. She's been my crit partner and best friend for years, so working with her was an absolute blast.

Ali: What are you looking forward to most about AADNola?

Mari: Ummm. It's New Orleans! The food...the parties....The Quarter. I love the city. I’ve spent a good deal of time there over the years. And the AAD con is one of the best. I really get to meet a lot of readers. Plenty of quality time with them and my favorite authors. Stella puts together some interesting panels and parties too.

Ali: The world is under attack and you are forced to run for your life. You only have room for one book in your survival kit, what book do you take?

Mari: There are 7 bookcases in my house right now and you want me to pick just one !?! *faints* No way. I get eaten taking too long to decide. Zombies win.

Ali: Who are your favorite literary characters? (Yours or someone else’s)

Mari: Wow. You're asking hard ones here. So many…However, I was mesmerized by the Grimm stories as a child. Not the cleaned up Disney versions either. Nope. Dad gave me the classic tales of hard lessons learned and personal accountability. Ashella, that eventually became Cinderella, was my fav. In the original version, once the prince figures out the stepsister’s and Stepmom’s deceit, they’re cursed to blindness for life. I know… not very romantic, but I pull many different elements into every story. I do write paranormal romance after all. Deserved comeuppance (*shivers*) gets me every time!

Ali: Are there any of your secondary characters you would like to give more life to?

Mari: All of them. Secondary characters are one of my strengths. But most are not hero and heroine worthy. I have a weird gremlin in Birthright who I HAD to give a little romance to in the course of the book because I loved him so much.

Ali: If you friends were asked to describe you in one word what would it be?

Mari: My mom describes me as loud. She’s not talking volume either.

*Favorite color: Green

*Favorite food: Steak

*Boots or heels: Both, why choose?

*eReader or Print: And again....Both!

*Beer, Liquor or Wine: Wine, Red

*Favorite place to get it on besides the bedroom: Outside.

*Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

*Favorite Book series (besides your own): The Tower series by King and JR Ward's Brotherhood books

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Cynthia Garcia said...

I love the cover for about to blow. Thaw tats look great thank you

Maria pronounced Mariah said...

So many authors keep mentioning Stephen King it I just can't get my self to read him. Despite the fact I know he is the best. It is the whole horror genre...I just can't step over into it. No reading or watching for me. Suspense is a different story.

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

Susan W. said...

I'm sure you didn't scare Ms. Davidson too bad! LOL! I've read a couple Stephen King's books but it takes so long to get into the story so I haven't read anything in a long time. I prefer Dean Koontz if I'm going to read outside the romance genre.

Love the book cover!


Joanne said...

I love Mary Janice Davidson but Stephen King's books scare me. Great cover.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Mari! The Zombies would win at my house, too. Can't pick one book.

Laura K

Mich said...

I also have enjoyed Stephen King's books and would freak out if I was in the same room with him. His writing has evolved from those earlier books like Carrie and The Shining. It's very interesting. I might faint if I had to meet him and string sensible words together. :)

kianeeko AT gmail DOT com

SusanR said...

About to Blow sounds really interesting. Adding this to my TBB list! And I too would never be able to pick just one book. Maybe those bookcases can be used to barricade the doors against the zombies? ;)

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Cathy M said...

That was very fun, Mari, plus I loved the excerpt for About To Blow.

It really is interesting about Stephen King making so many of the author's fav list.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Chelsea B. said...

Hi, Mari! Nice to 'meet' you! :-) Wonderful interview!
Big Bang Theory= HILARIOUS!


StacieD said...

I think Stephen King would make anyone turn into a blubbering mess. I did have a few fangirl moments when I went to the RT in LA. Seeing Dean Koontz was one of them.

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

erin said...

Oh wow. Thanks for a fabulous interview and giveaway. That cover is beautiful. Running over to add to my wishlist...*rightnow* :)


Raonaid Luckwell said...

Another fan of Big Bang Theory! Curious on which from the show is your favorite! Sheldon's a riot.

Raonaid at gmail dot com!/RaonaidLuckwell/status/196377268724047872!/RaonaidLuckwell/posts/411146248903943

marybelle said...

THE BIG BANG THEORY is brilliant!!!

I'm loving the cover for ABOUT TO BLOW & the tats are amazing.


bn100 said...

Great interview. I like the Grimm stories, too.


Vanessa N. said...

This book sounds cool and love the cover. I love it when myth and legends are used in stories.

Timitra said...

Great interview ladies, I enjoyed reading it!!!

Carol L. said...

Hi Mari,
It was great meeting you here. Love the whole storyline. Don't enter me because I can't read e-books.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Mari Freeman said...

I was volunteering at a ovarian cancer fundraiser yesterday so wasn't able to reply to all these great comments! Thanks for stopping by and reading about me and my books!

I think King (and horror) may be an acquired taste. I used to steal them off my dad's dresser and read when I was way to young to do so. My daughter did the same. Loved the scare.

Koontz is great too. I missed him at RT. I had a panel at the same time. It was empty.. wonder why? LOL

I like to read outside my genre while I'm in the middle of a book. Keeps my head clear of other romance author's voices.

Sheldon is my Fav on Big Bang. I even have a character loosely based on him in a new series.

Good luck ladies!


Soft Fuzzy Sweater said...

I don't watch much TV so I can't comment on "Sheldon". But I can say I like the premise of the book and would love to read it. Enter me please (that sounds erotic!)


Brenda Hyde said...

Oh my gosh, Western Steampunk? I hope someone picks it up quickly! It's so cool that you were able to write with your best friend. My husband I and have several ideas we've worked on but he always wants to kill the heroine and I don't. BAHAHAHAHAHA

wayfaringwriter at gmail cot com

JoAnna said...

I loved your zombie answer! That is so funny!

beckerjo at verizon dot ner

Melissa B said...

OMG, I'm so getting this book! LOVE this idea! And AWESOME cover!!

Stella Ex Libris said...

I agree the original Grimm stories were so great! I grew up with those as well and loved them! (howvere I had no idea Cinderella was called Ashella :-) but what I remember is that the evil stepsisters cut off part of their heel and toes to fit into the glass slipper and it was the blood that gave them away.

Thank you!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Limecello said...

Hi Mari!

LOL I *loved* your answers - especially the zombie apocalypse one. Hey, maybe you could tip a few bookcases over on the zombies? ;)

I'm such a pansy, so horror/Stephen King definitely a no for me. Loved your "meet story" with Mary Janice Davidson.

And good luck on finding a place for your series with Samantha Kane!

kog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kog said...

I'm with the others. I have tremendous respect for Mr. King's books, but I am a big wuss and don't enjoy being scared. (I don't watch horror movies or ride roller coasters either.) I find my imagination is more than enough without giving it any fuel... (That sounds pretty neurotic doesn't it.)

Mari - About to Blow sounds really interesting.

katherine dot ogrady at gmail dot com