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Simply Ali Spotlights Joey W. Hill!

The Simply Ali Authors After Dark Birthday Bash begins Now!!


Take a look at Joey W. Hill's next hot release!

In the Company of Witches

Book II of the Arcane Shot Series

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal Sensual Romance

May 1, 2012

All witch and part succubus, savvy businesswoman Raina has converted a Southern plantation house into an extremely profitable old-fashioned bordello. Because of her abilities as a witch, the demons under Raina’s protection can feed off the sexual energy of their clients without killing them—definitely a good thing for repeat business.

But when a rogue incubus shows up on Raina’s doorstep begging for asylum, the witch’s well-run business is put in jeopardy. The incubus has stolen an object of great power from Lucifer, and Underworld Dark Guardian Mikhael will do anything to get it back—even if it means incinerating the incubus on Raina’s porch to get the answers he seeks.

Not to be trifled with, Raina enters a dangerous match of wits with Mikhael to achieve their mutual goals—only to discover that the reluctant attraction between them is the most hazardous game of all…

Want to learn more about Joey W. Hill's In The Company of Witches? You can catch and excerpt here

Today for the daily Prize Ms. Joey W. Hill's has offered one of her fabulous books Signed, Winner's Choice! Ms. Hill was kind enough to answer some Simply Ali questions. Check out the interview below.

Ali: Is there an author that makes you go all “fangirl?”

Joey: I have a lot of authors I respect tremendously, and whose work has greatly inspired me, but I never considered myself the fangirl type until I approached Diana Gabaldon at a DragonCon panel. I consider her first three Outlander books sheer masterpieces, with one of the most memorable heroes ever (Jamie Fraser). So, at the completion of the panel, I headed to her table, intending to tell her - in the calm manner of a professional writer – how impressed I am with her work, and how it influenced my own writing. Instead, the minute she met my gaze, I had the little heart-flutter-in-the-throat reaction, the tremor in the limbs, and I have no idea what I stammered. So I hope it was something coherent (lol). And God/dess help me if I ever have to pronounce her last name in front of her.

Ali: If you could co-write with another author who would it be and why?

Joey: Honestly, I could never imagine writing a story with another author, because I get so deep in my head when I write, and the development process is so convoluted, I don’t know how I could bend, twist or beat that into a workable partnership scenario. But if I could, I’m thinking my most effective partnership would be with my long-term critique partner, Ann Jacobs. She does great pacing, smoothly flowing prose and crisp plotline development, whereas I’m all about the emotions and description. For years I’ve redlined her work to increase her characters’ emotional depth and flesh out her scenes with more detail, and she’s redlined mine to streamline rambling paragraphs, increase my pacing and keep me from beating a dead horse well…to death. So we’d probably make a very complementary team (laughter).

Ali: What are you looking forward to most about AADNola?

Joey: So many things. I went there last year for a research trip, so I’m going to enjoy visiting some of the places I missed, as well as seeing it through the eyes of the authors/readers being introduced to it for the first time. I didn’t get to the French Market, so I’d like to walk through that, as well as see the big New Orleans museum.

The conference itself is the big draw, however. This is the second or third one I’ve attended (brain meltdown, can’t remember) and each one has been a wonderful informal get-together between readers and authors. The readers really get treated as the treasures they are, so it’s great to see them have a good time – like watching kids at Disney (lol). A chance to spend a few days together, sharing our love of romance and books, cutting loose and having fun, is a terrific energy infuser for everyone. That’s probably what I look forward to most – the spontaneous conversations, as well as the memories we’ll be laughing about throughout the whole year, until the next AAD!

Ali: The world is under attack and you are forced to run for your life. You only have room for one book in your survival kit, what book do you take?

Joey: If magic can’t be involved, and the book needs to be functional, it would be Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. It’s a comprehensive manual of what wild vegetation is edible, what nutrients it provides, etc. I’m a vegetarian, and when I became one, I got tired of the whole “but if you were on a deserted island and the only thing to eat was rabbit, wouldn’t you eat it?” My response was always – “first off, what’s the rabbit eating?” (grin)

Of course, if I could use magic, I’d want that book that Wesley had in the Joss Whedon series Angel, the tome that could be any book you wanted it to be. That way I could have Back to Eden AND the Outlander novels AND my favorite book of all time, Once in a Blue Moon by Penelope Williamson, etc etc etc. (Even as I’m saying this, I’m envisioning a commercial where Apple posits this question and answers it with an Ipad you can charge by plugging it into a palm tree, using the fronds for signal reception – snort!)

Ali: Who are your favorite literary characters? (Yours or someone else’s)

Joey: That’s a really tough one to narrow down. As noted above, I adore Jamie Fraser of the Outlander novels, as well as Eve and Roarke of the JD Robb books. Zsadist of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is incredibly memorable. Going back to early readings, Hester of The Scarlet Letter for the incredible strength/freedom she found in solitude, Jean Valjean and Eponine of Les Miserables (don’t get me started on those frivolous twits Marius and Cosette) for being a hero/heroine that had an oblivious and awe-inspiring fortitude in the face of huge challenge and devastating personal tragedy. These are not people who would be whining about their problems on Oprah (grin). Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Eponine do a beat-down on Marius on an episode of Jerry Springer.

Ali: Are there any of your secondary characters you would like to give more life to?

Joey: Oh heavens, yes. My secondary characters are usually my arrow pointing to what the next book will be about. For instance, in the Knights of the Boardroom series, we had four secondary characters introduced who will make up two future books – Janet, Matt Kensington’s formidable admin, has her sight set on Max, the ex-Navy Seal and close-mouthed Kensington & Associates limo driver/security detail. Leland, a detective who helped out one of the K&A women in Afterlife, is going to cross paths with Celeste, a reporter who dubbed the K&A guys “Knights of the Board Room.” In fact, I have a Future Projects page on my website that details out potential storylines for the secondary characters from my series.

On that same note, I just finished a free “prequel” vignette that featured Celeste. It’s on the Fan Forum (register to verify you’re not a spammer, navigate away from the site, come back and login, then go to the vignette section – you’ll find it there under the title “Retribution”) There are five serial parts, but also one thread that’s the complete download. There are a bunch of other free download vignettes there, if you have other favorite characters you’d like to revisit!

Ali: If your friends were asked to describe you in one word what would it be?

Joey: Is pain-in-the-ass one word? LOL – it’s not easy to be friends to a full-time midlist writer. I pretty much write, sleep and eat, and stuff everything else in the available spaces. But the people who put up with me would probably say “driven”. I think that’s a nice word for “obsessive”. My husband says “anal”. You get the gist. ;>

*Favorite color - purple

*Favorite food – Chocolate – Hershey’s, Dove and Russell Stover

*Boots or heels – Boots with low block heels

*eReader or Print – Both – hard to feel like I’m away from work with any kind of screen, so it’s nice to have the option of print, but I’ll read a good story on either medium.

*Beer, Liquor or Wine – Wine – White zinfandel, light and fruity tastes

*Favorite place to get it on besides the bedroom – I’m creaky and as inflexible as a pretzel stick; hard to get it on comfortably anywhere else (lol). I’ll say a hot tub, and we’ll pretend that will work without my husband and I passing out from steam inhalation.

*Favorite TV Show – Right now it’s Cold Case.

*Favorite Book series (besides your own) – JD Robb In Death Series or JR Ward BDB

*Pj’s or Lingerie – Nightshirt/knee length cotton gowns.

*Vampires vs. Shifters – Vampires (though I still think Bella should have tried to talk Jacob and Edward into a threesome!)

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Thanks for having me – loved visiting!

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Limecello said...

Loved this post - and hi again, Joey! *waves*
Kinda feels like we're taking over Ali's blog while she's out of town, huh. ;)

I didn't know about the Knights of the Boardroom "spinoffs" - exciting! Hmmm questions - aside from this, are you planning other contemporary erotic romances, Joey? Anything with a different tone?

And then chocolates - what about scharffen berger or valrhona? And I like fruity drinks too, but I go for every fruitier ones than white zin, with cocktails. Preferably with fruit puree. :D

tschlaack said...

I have to admit your writing is new to me BUT I am thoroughly intrigued (why don't these blogs have spell check? sigh) now that I have read your interview. I love your comment about the strong characters who would not be whining on Oprah!

Heading out to add one of your books to my backlog...

Joey W. Hill said...

Hey, Lime - good to see you again! (big grin) Ali's very trusting, isn't she? (lol) We'll try not to trash the place, especially since it's her birthday!

I have another contemporary series, Nature of Desire, that has about seven books, and each book focuses on a different type of D/s relationship in a contemporary setting - alpha homicide cop paired with Mistress, two Doms who can't resist each other, a submissive male who falls for a woman who isn't a Mistress. It's a wonderful series to write, because there are so many psychological aspects of Domination/submission, and I do love the deep emotional side of erotic romance (smile). Going forward, though, there is another male/male story that's been tickling my brain, about a building inspector and a caterer. While they aren't technically "part" of a series, I'd probably connect them to enough of the NOD characters to put them under the series, because books tend to do better with a series affiliation. Hope that answers the question!

As far as chocolates, not sure I've try those yet. This wonderful reader named Danny brought me chocolate from journey at a couple conferences, and it was awesome, but for the most part, I still haven't found anything I like as much as Dove, Hershey's or Russell Stover's - though I'm willing to keep trying to find out (lol).

Ooh, and I'll take a frozen strawberry marguerita anyday. Or a blackberry mojito...awesome fruity drinks!

So glad you're here today!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I totally enjoyed the Knights of the Boardroom series. Good to know that secondary charachters will get their due.
Looking forward to seeing youin New Orleans at AAD.


bluesun1218 said...

I haven't read a lot of Joey's books, but I hear really good things about her Vampire series which I plan to read before AAD. The cover of In the Company of Witches is very nice :) Can't resist a hot man with wings!

flchen1 said...

Great interview, Joey and Ali! LOL on going all fan-girl with Ms. Gabaldon :) (Um, I haven't read her series yet ;p) I can only imagine how incoherently I would be stuttering in the presence of any of you fabulous authors! And YAY for you being so... driven! It's one of the qualities that gets all your great books written and out to us readers! I'm a fan of Dove as well--it's so beautifully... melty :)

Joey w. hill said...

Sorry guys -right in the middle of doing a comment for tschlaack, my Internet went down. I'm hunt and pecking on a handheld thru my husband's phone acct to let you know. Our twc provider says we have an outage in the area but hope to have us back up soon. As soon as it comes back up I'll be back on to address all the wonderful comments and questions. My apologies, but please keep leaving them so I can enjoy dialoguing with you when the tech issue is resolved!

Miss Mindy said...

Ah, 'fangirl' moment. I clearly remember mine when I met you in the hallway at AAD 2010. Definitely had a stammering moment there (eye roll, and smack my forehead with my palm). It's truly a wonder you didn't have a worried look as you slowly side-stepped away from us.

You made me snork when I read your part about Wesley's book. I'd often wished for that same book, simply so I could reclaim all the space my bookshelf takes up.

Mmmmm Zadist (said in a dreamy voice), the ultimate tortured soul that just needed the right Mistress to start with. ;)

I'm TICKLED PINK knowing that you are going to write another M/M! You do have a great talent for writing that scenario.

Oh and....blackberry mojito?!?! That sounds like heaven. I do believe I will have to try one.

Oh and Ali, no need to enter me in for the AAD registration...AAD staff member here. ;)
But I will GLADLY go into the drawing for one of Joey's books! *cough In the Company of Witches cough*

Joey, do you need me to leave may email? Or through my occasional pestering of you do you still have it? LMAO

SusanR said...

I totally agree on the Bella, Jacob, Edward trio!! LOL

Love your Knights of the Boardroom series! I am looking forward to reading your Vampires - I have them all, just need to carve out some time to get to them. :)

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Fellow purpleholic! Squeee! LOL.

I've heard of Joey but never got the chance to read her books. I just have to say though, that cover caught my attention enough to say "and I've missed this?"

Happy Birthday Ali! Hope it's a good one. I got 18 days till my middle boys. Oi!

Raonaid at gmail dot com

Brenda Jean said...

I'm so glad you admitted to being picky about places to get it on- I always read shower scenes and for a nano second think it would be cool until I remember I'm 5 foot, my husband is 6 foot, and we'd no doubt slip, hurt ourselves and have to call 911. Yeah, that isn't going to happen. *snort*

Carol M said...

Happy Birthday Ali!

I enjoyed the post. In The Company of Witches sounds like a book I would really enjoy!

JD Robb's In Death Series is also one of my favorites!

mittens0831 at aol dot com

Joey W. Hill said...

Okay, my connection is coming and going, but let me see if I can get a comment or two answered here.

Tschlaack, I’m of course very pleased to hear my work intrigues you. Hope it meets expectations when you take the plunge! As far as the whining, yes, that’s definitely a pet peeve for me (laughter). I’ll use vampires as an example, though it pretty much applies across all genres. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer until every other episode became about how much she hated her life, because of having super slayer strength, the love of a couple really hot vampires as well as a special ops guy, perfect skin, etc. I wanted to stake her myself before it was all over. My favorite part of the movie Interview with a Vampire was Tom Cruise’s Lestat going after Louie for his incessant whining. I love vampires who are as okay with being who and what they are as anyone else. I give Rob Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward a pass on my disgust because he’s just too darn charismatic – it doesn’t come off as whining; more like sexy brooding (lol). Anyway, glad to hear someone else appreciates the “non-whiny” style of hero, paranormal or otherwise.

Margie, look forward to seeing you in NOLA as well!

Flchen1, with my internet problem stress this morning, I already downed about five of those wonderful Doves. Can’t imagine WHY I have trouble losing these ten vanity pounds (snort). When you get to the Outlander series, I always tell people to hold on through the first 100 pages or so, because the set up takes a while in the first book. But once Jamie and Claire meet and start connecting, oh, heavens, it’s worth that time! And I never, NEVER like books where the heroine starts out married to one good man and ends up with another man, but in this one Ms. Gabaldon made it understandable and sympathetic, which was a real feat in and of itself.

And to you and Miss Mindy both, it’s funny that you both say that about the stuttering thing, because I never see myself like that – I’m as ordinary as dirt, and most days I spend up to my armpits in cat/dog fur and to-do lists. When I meet you guys, on my side of things, it’s more like “oh crap, they’re meeting me, and they’re going to realize just what kind of dorky person is behind these books and never read another one!” lol

I really do need Wesley’s book. I’m a very big advocate of digital reading/ebooks, but because I spend so much time in front of a computer screen, it’s actually hard for me to get enthused about reading on a reader. I do have a Nook and an Ipad and read on both, but still prefer the print books for my leisure reading to feel like I’m really relaxing. Otherwise, I think I’m editing, and I read that way! Hmm…as to whether I have your email, Miss Mindy, I think I do have it here somewhere (chuckle) – thank goodness! Love having contact with you and can’t wait to see you in NOLA. I agree with you with Zsadist. Like Gideon of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity, he really did need a strong hand. Beth was pretty tough, but sometimes even she needed to amp it up a bit I think.

SusanR, glad you enjoyed the Knights! Hope you find the vampires just as satisfying. Let me know if not – I always want to know if and why I’ve disappointed a reader!

Raonaid, awesome name. And hope you’ll like my stuff. I’ve been blessed by cover fairies for sure. When you’re cruising my site, check the cover for the first book in this series, Something About Witches – the cowboy sorcerer and the armed witch. Love the color on that one as well! Happy birthday to your boys.

Brenda Jean – lol – yep, I guess that’s why we have to have these wonderful romances to read – we can fantasize about having these exciting encounters in these locales, and then take all that inspiration to our comfortable beds! The best of both worlds (wink).

Carol M – the In Death series is really my candy for being good, meeting deadlines, etc. I’ll sit down on the porch swing and read for a couple hours as a reward, and it’s bliss. Especially on a pretty spring day…

Sue V said...

Hi Joey! Thanks for taking time out from your writing schedule (yet again) to talk to us fans. It always amazes me that an author I think of as 'famous' sees themself as ordinary and uninteresting to their fans. You authors are amazing because you are the conduit through which we meet characters who inspire us, intrigue us, get us hot and bothered and help us get through the daily beat-down called real life. Authors bring us to new worlds and allow readers to meet new friends both fictional and real. If that isn't amazing nothing is, and authors should recognize their part in it.

You've got terrific fans Joey, because you are an awesome author, not only for your stories but for your willingness to interact with us, especially on the fan forum. I'm over there (under a pseudonym) and even though you've replied to numerous of my posts, it is ALWAYS a thrill to 'hear' from you there. And to know that our mental meanderings on the boards about your stories/characters have led to your Muse sitting up and taking notice is indescribable. It gives us a just that much more reason to love you.

Okay, going way deep into emo-land. But honestly Joey since you are so approachable, you bring an extra facet to the author-reader relationship, one that not every author achieves. Thank you a thousand times over.

And never having read 'Twilight' I shouldn't dis it, but you're right that a threesome would have been the way to go for everyone to be happy. :)

Can't wait for 'In the Company of Witches!' *bouncing in excitement*

bn100 said...

Very nice interview. All your books sound very good.


erin said...

Awesome interview! And so serendipitous as I literally just got Something About Witches today!

Thanks for the giveaway and I can't wait to get started reading!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Joey! So looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. Hmmmmm.....didn't see you say anything about your Nature of Desire Series....

Laura K

Cathy M said...

Hi Joey!

Fabulous post, love all the fun facts. Thrilled that KOTB has upcoming stories, totally missed which characters we would be seeing, say yippee.

And the In Death series, is my reward for being good too, lol.

Anyone new to Joey's stories, Knights of the Boardroom is a great series to start with. Then jump into the deep end with the Natural Law series.

Have a blast in NOLA, Joey.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Joey W. Hill said...

SueV, I'm blown away AND flattered by the incredibly detailed and complimentary post. Thank you so much! That's definitely a keeper, particularly for the bad edit days or other headaches that go with any job, even one as wonderful and dream-come-true as writing for a living.

As far as being responsible for the stories, thank you for that, though I admit I often feel like the characters are giving me a gift, letting me come along for the ride, imperiously pointing at me to keep transcribing their actions, dialogues, etc into the keyboard (lol). Oh, except they pretty much bail when it's time for edits. That's my problem!

And please know, it's always a tremendous gift to me when readers reach out with questions, comments, etc. You all take the chance and the time to read my work and then, when you like it, so many of you take the extra step of sharing your enjoyment with others. It's a privilege to respond to you, and hearing that it means a great deal to you, having that personal interaction, means I'm able to give you back a small token of thanks for the joy your comments give me!

It's okay, we can do deep-emo together - group hug!! (grin)

No worries - I didn't take it as a dis of Twilight. I think they were constrained from the threesome idea by that whole teen market thing, though...(chuckle)

Thanks, bn100! And Erin, that's wonderful! Hope you enjoy Derek and Ruby!

Joey W. Hill said...

Hey, Laura! No, I didn't mention much about it in the questions, though I did reference the Future Projects page, where fans of NOD can check out my potential plans for secondary characters from that series. THere were four or five of them that want their own books. I just have to get a couple vampire books done ahead of them, but I do anticipate writing a contemporary this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if the book either a) intersects with some of those characters, b) features some of those characters or c) gets classified as part of the series.

I did respond to an earlier comment about NOD with some more information about them as well. It would be great to visit that world again. Can't wait to see you at Chicago RT!

Joey W. Hill said...

Cathy, I wish you could come to NOLA - it would be wonderful to have you there. Hopefully you'll be able to come to a future con. Thanks for the good words about KOBR. Yep, the muse is currently very interested in Janet, Matt's imperious admin assistant, and Max, the head limo driver for the company who's also an ex-Navy Seal. She's had her eye on him for awhile, and we don't know why he left the Seals and is keeping so much to himself, but she will find out. Janet's pretty determined!

StacieD said...

What a great post! I love learning what my favorite authors love to read. I figure that if I like their writing then I will probably like their favorite authors/series too!

I'm with you on the color purple and chocolate. I don't drink so I've never had white wine.

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

Joey W. Hill said...

Stacie, I hope you'll like my reading recommendations - hate to lead a reader astray, though I know our tastes can always differ. On the jwhconnection fan forum, there's a section where readers leave me book recommendations, and that would be a great place to check as well. Since they like my work, their tastes may be similar to yours!

Anonymous said...

Great party happy birthday Ali,
Great interview, great giveaways all,thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Joey!

I'm always happy to see the progression of the muse's fascinations. I love knowing that you always have secondary characters that catch the muse's attention and that I can look forward to learning more about them, and also get quick peeks into the lives of main characters from the rest of the series.

Purple and Chocolate are also favorites of mine, and I had to laugh at your pretzel-like flexability comment :-)

As I have all of your backlist, most in both ebook and print, I'd *love* to win a copy of your upcoming release "In the Company of Witches"


email is:

bonbons977 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Moira said...

Loved the interview Joey. Like you I'm a fan of Eve and Roake and the BDB. so sad to see the Knights come to an end, but you always have new characters for us to fall for.


(Didn't forget my email with this one.)

elaing8 said...

Another great interview Joey.I learn new things about you ever time :) I love purple too :)

And Happy Birthday Ali! I hope you had a fantastic day.


Sue V said...

Joey, being an aspiring author I can sympathize with you when the characters, who've been driving you like a sled-dog to get their story written, just up and leave you during the hardest part of the writing. I have issues like that, but it's with my ADD Muse. She usually bails after the first little bit, leaving me saying, "What the h*ll happens now, wench?" Thus the numerous bits and bobs of stories that clutter up my computer and in a multitude of notebooks and we won't even talk about what is stuck in my head...

Glad my comments made you happy -- with as many happy hours I've gotten from reading your stories, I owe you at least that much.

Drat. Forgot to include my email in my earlier post. Hope that at least one of these posts counts towards the giveaways.


marybelle said...

I loved the post & the comments here today. Never a dull moment.


Joey W. Hill said...

Thanks, Kim! Bobbi - chuckle - yes, the pretzel comment seems to fit. I tried yoga to help improve my flexibility and merely learned new meaning to the word pain (lol - yeah, I'm a big wuss). Okay, it also helped my storyline for Afterlife, which made it all worth it!

As far as the quick glimpses of main characters, that's one of the primary reasons I think I started writing the free vignettes for the fan forum - it was so much fun to "revisit" the characters from the full length works in situations that weren't necessarily part of an involved plot-line. The first one I wrote, a baby shower for Violet and Mac of Natural Law, was such a blast, the vignettes became not only something I could offer you all, but something that helped clear my creative palette between works. It's good for a writer to write "off deadline", purely for the fun of it sometimes, to remember why we do it!

Moira, no worries - I prefer not to think of the KOBR series ending as much as it is that they'll be involved in helping out in other stories, like Max, Leland, etc (wink). We won't see the last of them. And I still have the free short story I plan to write about Peter/Dana/Ben's big threesome night (that should be on the forum sometime in April/May time period).

Can't wait to read Lover Reborn, though like so many others, I'm counting the days until a Blay and Quinn story. :>

Thanks, Elaine and Marybelle - glad to see you both here!

Sue, that's always the blessing and curse of being an aspiring author. The blessing side? This is a time where you can jump between ideas and give your muse free rein to spin ideas. It's not a bad thing, because once you hit the published track, the publishers want the books fast and furious, so if you have a lot of story ideas on the backburners, they WILL come in handy.

However, you have to balance the blessing with the curse side - eventually, you do have to sit down and write one from start to finish, because you'll also need that discipline once you hit the publishing track. On the front end, when you do a pitch, if the editor or agent is interested, the first thing they will usually ask is "is the full manuscript finished and ready for submittal?", because when it comes to a new author, the publisher usually wants to know there's a full manuscript waiting.

Then, on the post-contract track, they will want the books as fast as you can deliver them, so the ability to sit down and have the discipline to write the book from start to finish within a limited time period becomes critical.

So enjoy the pleasure of the now, while planning for the future, and you'll have the best of both worlds (smile).

Shadow said...

Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing! I like Cold Case too. Its a great show. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best!

Wren B. said...

I totally think that Bella should have convinced Edward and Jacob into a threesome. That is toally brilliant. Lol. I am looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans at AAD. It will be my first time. So totally excited.
heyprettiel at hotmail dot com.

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Thank you for the fun interview Ladies, I enjoyed reading Joey's answers a lot :-D

Lol, a Bella-Jacob-Edward threesome, I'm sure many people would have loved that ;-p

The cover of In the Company of Witches is beautiful Joey, so gorgeous and inspiring, you are really lucky to have gotten such an eye-catching and uniquely done cover, congratulations!

Everyone keeps on praising JD Robb's In Death series, I really should get to read it it seems...

Thank you for the generous giveaway Joey!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Randa said...

Wow!! Thank you Joey for your Amazing participation in Ali's AAD Birthday Bash!! Your interview is fantastic and your giveaway so generous! Thank you for taking the time to visit with all of the Simply Ali readers. I look forward to meeting you @AAD! :)


Joey W. Hill said...

Shadow, I'm addicted to Cold Case. And more than a little bit in lust with Danny Pino. Every time he gets interested in a woman, he goes to full alpha/Dom smolder - it's mesmerizing (lol).

Wren, I felt the same way about the Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot dilemma. The first time I saw the play Camelot, it was the 1983 HBO taped Broadway production, done so sympathetically to all three characters - you could feel the love they all felt for one another and how Lancelot and Guinevere's passion for one another tore them all apart. And I thought - why not a threesome? Come on, guys! (laughter - yep, I'm twisted that way!) So glad you'll be joining us at NOLA - it's going to be such fun! Look forward to meeting you.

Stella, thanks for the compliment - those cover artists/designers at Berkley do such a wonderful job - Don Sipley has done most of my covers, and he's amazing. The In Death series is great, but be sure and start from the beginning, because it's the first six or seven that really hook you, and seeing Roarke and Eve's relationship from the beginning is an important ingredient to the addiction (grin).

Randa, you're welcome, but I give credit to Ali - she asks great questions, not the usual things at all. Can't wait to see you at NOLA as well. I'm looking forward to making new friends like yourself, as well as enjoying the ones I made in previous years - and all of us getting to know one another!

Maureen said...

It was an interesting interview and the new book looks like it has a great heroine.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

jessica said...

awesome interview! I will have to check out the Back to Eden book along with Diana Gabaldon. . I like chocolate, purple, both ebook and print and the JR Ward series too. I hope that you have a great week!
jessangil at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey and yes, a day late... that would be me.
I am loving the KOB series, and I'm planning on the NOD series next.
Love the deep emotional traumas you write in all your erotic romances and the D/s relationships. It fascinates me,but mostly I love how easily your characters spring to life on the, screen.
Funny how our language is going to evolve with technology isn't it?

Thank you Ali for the opportunity to win Joey's book!

tappitytaptap at gmail dot com

kog said...

What a great interview!

I would totally do the fangirl squeeze if I met you in person, Ms. Hill. (I feel like I have to address you as Ms. Must be the BDSM influence...)

I just want to thank you so much for writing such amazing books. Reading your books is such a wonderfully intense experience.

Cynthia Garcia said...

AAAAAGH! I love Joey! Sorry fangirl moment lol. Great interview!

Froggy said...

LOL! That would of been an interesting conversation with Bella and Edward. Do you think Edward would of killed Jacob then?


Maria pronounced Mariah said...

LOL I love the idea of a threesome between Bella, Jacob and Edward! Greatness!

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

Chelsea B. said...

Chocolate for the win, definitely! Haha ;-) Yes, Bella should have for sure done it with both Edward AND Jacob, and THEN decided who she wanted to be with, haha! Loved the interview!


Joey W. Hill said...

Maureen, I do like Ruby. She's strong, but not in that annoying, "I don't need a man for anything" bitchy way. She's more of the "I'm strong because I fight my own battles" type of toughness (smile).

Jessica, the Back to Eden book is interesting - it's amazing how many things you can eat in your own backyard (lol).

Tapp, you're right about the language changing with the technology. In one of my recent books, I put down "music player" instead of IPod or CD player, etc. The copy editor suggested making it more specific, but I really felt it was safer not to date the book by using terms that might be completely obsolete ten years down the road. The first book I ever wrote, when I go back to it now, they're using tape cassettes and the big PCs (grin).

Kog, thanks for the lovely compliments, but you really can call me Joey. I'm definitely not the imposing Mistress type (grin). I'm on the sub side of the fence!

Cynthia, no apologies necessary. I glow from fangirl moments (beaming/glowing as we speak).

Froggy - chuckle. Yes, Edward can be a bit deliciously possessive. Maria, glad you liked the idea as much as I do. Chelsea, I love your practical nature (lol), but I don't see why she has to choose (wink). Why can't she have both? And I wouldn't mind incorporating a little triangular action where Edward and Jacob have some intimacy as well, kind of like what was implied in the wonderful Mercedes Lackey/Ellen Guon Knights of Ghosts and Shadows with the threesome of Eric, Korendil and Beth. They loved one another equally (grin - the possibilities are endless!).

Tina B said...

I love your answers to the questions.
You are a new to me author. Which book would you suggest I start with?
I really like the blurb got this one.

trb0917 at gmail dot com

Pamk said...

love this post and cold case is a great show. I need to add your book to my tbb list. Wish I was ocming to aad this year But maybe next year.

Joey W. Hill said...

Tina B, if I understood you correctly, when you said "got this one", that may mean you already have In the Company of Witches? If so, that's not a bad way to sample my work. It's still erotic paranormal, but a lighter touch than some of my other series, so if you're not a hardcore erotic reader, you might like to begin with this series. ICOW can standalone, but there may be some spoilers in it for the previous book in the series, Something About Witches. Therefore, if you are the type of person who likes to start a series from the beginning, then I'd recommend getting Something About Witches to read first.

It's always difficult for me to recommend which book a reader should start with, mainly because I have contemporary and paranormal series. I've written vampires, witches, mermaids, angels, board room executives...and I have some books that are sensual erotic, and others that are hardcore erotic. The good and bad thing about having a backlist of about 30 titles - a lot of options! (lol)

If I don't know your tastes, I could send you in the absolute wrong direction and scare you away forever (laughter). However, if any of the above topics particularly interest you, I'd recommend going to my website, and choosing one of the series links to look at the books. Each one is labeled according to category, heat level, and there's a blurb and free excerpt to get a sense of what the book's about. That way, you can decide what's your best cup of tea.

Hope that helps!

Pam, hate that we'll miss you at AAD NOLA this year, but maybe you'll be able to join us another year. It really is a wonderful way to spend a long weekend!

Glad to meet another Cold Case fan. Danny Pino really reminds me of my character Ben in Hostile Takeover, how I imagine him looking, his sexual intensity, etc. Yes, Ben is supposed to be of Irish descent and Danny is supposed to be Puerto Rican (I think), but that's besides the point. It's my little fantasy (lol).

SandyB said...

I'm confused: I don't know if it's Kris Cook or Joey Hill but I enjoy reading both of your books. I saw Joey at RAW 2010 and was impressed with you and with all the authors there. It's as if you are my next door neighbor. Everyone was so nice. I haven't met Kris but I did read some of her books; very hot! I would love to catch up to you all again. Have a great Easter.

Joey W. Hill said...

SandyB, thanks for that compliment! I agree, RAW2010 was such a great conference; everyone was a lot of fun, and the scavenger hunt throughout the quaint downtown shops was a wonderful idea, since it gave the readers and authors a chance to do something informal and unexpected together. I'll never forget that incredible shoe store - they were works of art!

I couldn't include RAW in my schedule this year, unfortunately, but hope to attend again in 2013. However, maybe I'll see you at another of the 2012 cons or RAW 2013. Be sure and come by and say hello to me, whenever our paths cross again.

And don't worry about not remembering names/faces; I'm so bad at that, I'm the last one to throw stones at someone else about it. I'm always happy to see a smiling face, and that's enough for me. :>