Monday, April 30, 2012

Simply Ali Spotlights Damon Suede!!

Today Simply Ali welcomes Authors After Dark Author Damon Suede

Take a look at Grown Men by Damon Suede

Grown Men by Damon Suede

Hard Cell Universe: First Transmission

Rip Tide Publishing

Science Fiction, M/M

Every future has dirty roots.

Marooned in the galactic backwaters of the HardCell company, colonist Runt struggles to eke out an existence on a newly-terraformed tropical planetoid. Since his clone-wife died on entry, he’s been doing the work of two on his failing protein farm. Overworked and undersized, Runt’s dwindling hope of earning corporate citizenship has turned to fear of violent “retirement.”

When an overdue crate of provisions crashes on his beach, Runt searches frantically for a replacement wife among the tools and food. Instead he gets Ox, a mute hulk who seems more like a corporate assassin than a simple offworld farmer. Shackwacky and near-starving, Runt has no choice but to work with his silent partner despite his mounting paranoia and the unsettling appeal of Ox’s genetically altered pheromones. Ox plays the part of the gentle giant well, but Runt’s still not convinced he hasn’t arrived with murder in mind.

Between brutal desire and the seeds of a relationship, Runt’s fears and Ox’s inhuman past collide on a fertile world where hope and love just might have room to grow.

Read and Excerpt HERE

Damon has been swamped. The date for his visit slipped up on him. For your reading pleasure here are his interview answers.

Ali: What are you looking forward to most about AADNola?

Damon: Hanging out with authors and readers in a low presh environment! I always have such a phenomenal time canoodling with cool people who love books as much as I do. That’s definitely the best part of any romance genre gathering…Beignets at 2am and a dirty Jameson’s on the back porch of the hotel while we swap recommendations. LOL That sounds like heaven.

Ali: The world is under attack and you are forced to run for your life. You only have room for one book in your survival kit, what book do you take?

Damon: I’m such a die-hard bibliophile that it’s an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer comprehensively and honestly, but I’d say Pride & Prejudice because it never stops unfolding in my imagintion.

Ali: Who are your favorite literary characters? (Yours or someone else’s)

Damon: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Lady Dedlock, Myra Breckenridge, Samwise Gamgee, Li Kao, Cousin Bette

Ali: Are there any of your secondary characters you would like to give more life to?

Damon: Kaz from Hard Head. He’s a secondary character in the sequel to Hot Head and bringing him to life has been hilarious and entertaining. He’s so seductive and goofy in this distinctive way that I’m pretty sure he’s gonna need his own book. :P

Ali: If you friends were asked to describe you in one word what would it be?

Damon: Intense.

*Favorite color: Greens, blues, purples, greys. Any dark, cool color. :) My closet looks like an aquarium.

*Favorite food: Indian.

*eReader or Print: Kindle for genre fiction.

*Beer, Liquor or Wine: Whiskey.

*Favorite place to get it on besides the bedroom: Stairwells and rooftops.

*Favorite TV Show: Don’t watch TV.

*Favorite movie: Impossible to pick just one… A Very Long Engagement, Duplicity, Holiday, Jamon Jamon, What’s Up Doc?,

*Pj’s or Lingerie: Skin…mine and someone elses.

Want to learn more about Damon? Here are some links...
Website / Contact / Facebook

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Cynthia Garcia said...

This looks good thank you

JoAnna said...

Sounds like a great book. But no interview, so sad.

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Maria D. said...

Sounds interesting! I love the cover and title.

junegirl63 at gmail dot com

Melissa B said...

Hmm...sounds different! Interesting!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

My opinion the cover puts me in mind of old fantasy covers like Conan, etc.

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Stella Ex Libris said...

A really different title from the others displayed, interesting!

Thank you!

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Timitra said...

Damon Suede is a new to me author but he won't be for long...Grown Men sounds really good!!!!

Vanessa N. said...

This one sounds coil and I love the cover.

Mich said...

Holy snikeys, that cover! Wowsa! I would love to find out more about this author :) Bummer no interview this time, but what a fun month it has been. I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st.

kianeeko AT gmail DOT com

Mich said...

I also meant to point this out from the blurb, "Shackwacky and near starving..." Shackwacky? Love it!


elaing8 said...

This sounds really good.I have this on the TBR list.

Chelsea B. said...

Hi, Damon! Your book sounds very interesting! Nice chatting!


Limecello said...

That is some kind of cover! Looks like an awesome comic book :D
Really interesting the hero's name is Runt. Nice play there.

Can't believe the birthday bash is ending! What a way to celebrate, Ali. I hope you had a fabulous birthday month! :)

Maria pronounced Mariah said...

Wow what a cover! Sounds very interesting!

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DiDi said...

oh how i love Damon =) Looks like a great read!

SusanR said...

Damon is awesome, and so are his books. Extremely well written!

Now I am even more sad I am not going to AAD.

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Anonymous said...

This is a cool cover! Hope the author is okay because there was no interview.

Laura K

Cathy M said...

I already love m/m storylines, so thanks for giving us another great author to check out, Ali.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Susan W. said...

Damon is a new to me author and this book looks like a good place to start.


bn100 said...

Nice interview. I agree about Pride and Prejudice and Darcy.


marybelle said...

Damon I love that your closet looks like an aquarium. How calming.


kog said...

Damon - you have, hands down, the best author name. I have no idea if it is a pen name or your real name, but it is perfect for you.

katherine dot ogrady at gmail dot com