Thursday, December 09, 2010

9th Day of Christmas Giveaway: $10 Gift Certificate to

If I'm not shopping at for my ebooks (which my friend tells me is the devil, lol), you can bet I'll be shopping at If you haven't stopped by the site before, I highly recommend it. The All Romance eBook site sells romance ebooks from all different epublishers. Also, there's their brother site, the Omni Lit books site, that sells all different genres. Of course, you can guess that I can probably be found visiting the All Romance site more ;).

Today's prize will be a $10 Gift Certificate to this great site!


Answer the question of the day.

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Today's Question:

Are you more inclined to read ebooks or print books?

I must admit that even though I'm trying to cut back on print books (I have over one thousand at my house right now... and still more with my parents, eek) and buy mainly ebooks, I still can't help the occasionally buy in print format. Now, this is just for the books that come out in both print and ebooks (usually with NY pubs) than with titles that release in ebook format first. With those, I buy in eformat as soon as I can. But, with books that come out in print and ebook at the same time, I have decide a few things first. Is this a favorite author of mine? Is this a series I'm currently in love with?
I hate it when it's a book a buy in eformat, and it's soooo good... I mean good enough that I know I'll be rereading it several times and will rave about it to everyone... that I now want to buy it in print, too, lol. I have this idea that when computers take over the world, I won't be able to use my kindle, LOL.


elaing8 said...

I love All Romance eBook..please count me in for this giveaway :)

I''m trying to only buy paperbacks for series I already have and the rest ebooks. But thats not really working yet..right now I'd say its 50/50.Hopefully soon it'll be more ebooks.I'm running out of space for my paperbacks.

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PinkStuff28 said...

Well i have tons of ebooks , since most of the books i love to read can't find them where i live ..I 'm already used to ebooks.But my fav are printed books !!

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Sue A. said...

I love print books, but I've run out of shelf space. So I've switched to ebooks and I find I prefer them now.

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Cathy M said...

I love my ereader and definitely buy more ebooks than print anymore. Usually shop at Omnilit and Fictionwise. I might splurge on a paperback from a favorite author, but my hubby loves that my bookshelves are getting smaller these days.

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SiNn said...

Im more inclined to buy print books then ebooks but I love some ebooks

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Jane said...

I still buy more print books than ebooks. I read my ebooks on the computer because I don't have an ereader yet.

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Linda Henderson said...

I'm more inclined to read print books. I don't have an e-reader so I read them on my computer. I've always loved print books and I can't see that changing.

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Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

My preference does not matter. I love ebooks and prints! But I am an addict for prints. I can smell them and pet them... and if I so desire, lick the covers, lmbo! Just joking on that last one, lmbo!!!
Please count me in!
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Anonymous said...

I read both. I have tons of both!

I really need a new ebookreader though.

in Germany

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

I've just read my first e-book, The Ghost Hunter. It was a great read and I loved it, it just took me a little longer. I don't have a laptop or an e-reader, so I was glued to my computer, which was tough with three kids running arond. It felt like it took me a little longer than it should. I love having a book in my hand and I love placing it on my bookshelf. I also read in the car while I am waiting to pick up the kids form school or sports, so being glued to the computer was tough. Though it could change if I ever get an e-reader
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Tabathia said...

I rather read paper back
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Tabathia said...

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Spav said...

I prefer print books. Digital books are more practical and don't ocupy space, but they can't replace the feel of having a new book in your hand.

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mbreakfield said...

It depends on which one I can get more cheaply. I like to have print keeper books, too. However, because of space, I may have to reevaluate this.
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Carol L. said...

I love print books because I love covers and the feel of the books in my hands. But I have won so many e-books my daughter said "no more" I'm killing the memory on my pc and have to start reading them faster lol But I do enjoy both.
Carol L

jessica said...

I still love to read print books but I have been switching to ebooks because it's easier to find them, takes up less space, depending on where you go- you might be spending less for them then in print book and it's a step in the 'go green'. but it does hurt my eyes sometimes when I read them off my laptop for a long time.

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Until a couple of months ago when I bought my Kindle I would have looked at you incredulously after such a question, I love to have my books proudly displayed on ym shelves. But since then I see the advantage of practicality of ebooks (and I love that I can indulge and read romance and erotica novels without attracting snarky comments..)

So today I would say for series which I LOVE, I like them to have a paper copy, but otherwise ebooks are good too :-))

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Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! :-)

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Modokker said...

i'm mostly into paper books. Might be cause i don't have a ereader but we'll see in a few months when i hopefully get one to try out. lol I have read a few ebooks online or on my iphone and their awesome but for favorite authors i like the paper books more still. I'm not sure if i have a 1000 but it might be close. I buy alot of used books and have a friend who sends me a box full once in a while when she's done with them.

Lisa B
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Andrea I said...

At the current time, I buy primarily print books. I do shop All Romance and Ellora's Cave for e books.


Raissa Lopes said...

I will always love printed books! I like to touch them, feel your smell... this is so good! It's like I can feel the letters in my blood.

Raissa Lopes said...

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