Monday, December 06, 2010

4th Day of Christmas Giveaway: Book of Your Choice

Um, this is just going to be a quickie... *ha, that's what she said*... I'm so behind on everything, I hope to catch up by this afternoon.

Today's giveaway is for a book of your choice from the Book Depository (I just love the fact that they have free shipping everywhere :))

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Today's Question:

Ever feel like the days are just zooming by once December 1st hits? 0_o

OMG, I thought I had everything under control and that things would be done by a certain time... um, who I was fooling? lol
We've just started another week in December and I'm so behind, eek.


elaing8 said...

I think most days zoom by whether it be after Dec 1 or before. One minute its June the next I have to buy Christmas present

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Brooke said...

Definitely! I'm so busy, but at the same time I feel like I've gotten nothing at all accomplished.

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Thanks so much!

catslady said...

I start worrying when Halloween arrives, by Thanksgiving I'm stressed and when December arrives, I'm totally in panic mode. I haven't accomplished anything yet and it's the worse I've ever been ACK.

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Michelle Willow said...

Totally! I turn around and poof! It's Christmas!

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Moonlight Gleam said...

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Today's Question:
Ever feel like the days are just zooming by once December 1st hits? 0_o

My Answer:
I definitely believe this is true especially now that all my finals are in the month of December.. I barely have time to get shopping for christmas done let alone study for my finals.. by the time everything is over.. the next semester starts :(


Mervi said...

Yes, they really do zoom by! I have still so much to do, even though I was supposed to have so much time..

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Jane said...

Time does seem to fly. I still have a few present left to buy.

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Cathy M said...

December is the worst, there is just so much going on. The plus is that Christmas is on a weekend. Somehow it feels like I have a bit more time when the holiday doesn't fall during the week.

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marian said...

yes definitely!! i can't believe how much time has pass lately especially with finals now and the holidays coming up

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Raonaid Luckwell said...

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Ehh, some weeks seem to breeze by, and some days want to drag..

mariska said...

Yeap, Time goes by so fast. And my new born son is a month old now :)

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mbreakfield said...

Yes, I feel like time is just flying by, at least I have all my Christmas presents bought. Now, I just need to find the energy to wrap them.
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Ivy said...

It doesn't have to be Dec. for it to feel like the time is flying. I can't believe this years almost over!
I'm pretty much done shopping..just 2 left to get for co-workers.

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Linda Henderson said...

Yes, I do believe they go by twice as fast. I thought I was in pretty good shape and here I am with no tree up yet. Hopefully I'll get it up this weekend.

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buddyt said...

Yes this time of the year the days do speed up but the problem is the older you get the more they do that until it is not only the days but also the weeks and the months that tend to speed by !

Thanks for the giveaway.

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Bunny B said...

Yes, I always think the days are always zooming by!

Giada M said...

I'm always behind. I understand you completely. How I wish a day had had 48 hours instead of 24!

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Giada M.

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Abby said...

Most definitely. I lost a whole week of Xmas shopping since my dad was sick and we couldn't go out shopping. I feel it happens no matter which month it is

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Maureen said...

I don't have any decorations up yet and the days are definitely flying.
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Jolene Allcock and Family said...

yes, not just from the 1st, but let's say everything flies by starting on Oct. 31. My keeds keep my busy these months, and I can't believe Christmas is almost here and than my baby girl turns 4 two days after Christmas. Once that is out of the way and New Years has come and gone, I can relax again
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Andrea I said...

Yes definitely. I go from Thanksgiving to auditors at work and then month end. I don't seem to have time to get done what I need to do.

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pepsivanilla said...

Right now, no actually since it's now finals week! I WISH they were flying though :)

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Tabathia said...

Yes, I still haven't finished shopping
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Tabathia said...

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Jules@MoonCatFarms said...

I think it starts with Black Friday and doesn't stop until after New Year's. It's crazy!

Thanks for the giveaway,
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SiNn said...

i think the days fly by the last few months of the year this year seems to of flashed by hella fast but i also think this month always zooms when its teh holidays

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PinkStuff28 said...

I always think that most days zoom by so there is no such difference to me !

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Carol L. said...

Yes, I feel like every day zooms past when I'm behind in anything and that's when the panic starts. I have to decorate and I'm so behind with that because I came down with the Flu. I don't even want to think about the date when I'm so far behind.
Carol L
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Spav said...

I think so every time a month starts.

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jessica said...

Of course! I think that mostly everybody does. But it's the rush at the end of the year that you feel the pressure. You have present and parties and such to do. Time just seems to fly by.

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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I completely agree! Somehow December always creeps up on me, and I'm always shocked it's almost Christmastime! But then December woozes by quite fast too, and I don't like January :-( miss the tree, the lights, the cookies and the presents :-((

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Thanks for the great giveaway! :-)

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vickyvak said...

Absolutely! Ican't believe how fast November passed and now December!

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Khyla said...

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Yes December has come super soon and my birthday on this month and it just feels so weird how time passes by so quickly


Aik said...

I have this kind of feeling before.

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