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Broken (Lost Series, Bk #1) By Cynthia Eden

The first novel in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s sizzling LOST series introduces the Last Option Search Team, an elite unit that must protect the only surviving victim of a serial killer.

Ex-SEAL and LOST founder Gabe Spencer is accustomed to the unusual in his job. But when knockout Eve Gray steps into his office, he’s rattled. For the mysterious woman is a dead ringer for the heiress thought to be the latest prey of the serial killer who goes by the name Lady Killer.

When Eve awoke in an Atlanta hospital, her past was a blank slate. Then she recognized her own face in the newspaper and vowed to learn the truth. Determined to confront the nightmares hidden in her mind, she never expects to find a partner in Gabe.

As Gabe and Eve work together, their explosive attraction becomes irresistible. Gabe knows that his desire for Eve is growing too strong, bordering on a dangerous obsession, but nothing pulls him away from her. And when another Eve lookalike disappears, Gabe vows to protect Eve at all costs. While Eve may have forgotten the killer in her past, it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten her.

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“Do you think I’m a con artist or a victim?” “I think you’re a woman who has been hurt.” No denying that. “One of my team members, Wade Monroe, is contacting the Montgomery family. We’ll get DNA from them and find out—” “If I’m Jessica.” There was hope in the words. Enough hope to break his heart. Gabe nodded. “When will we know?” It would take a few days, even with the strings that he could pull. “As soon as possible,” he said, not wanting to give her a specific timetable. “Thank you.” Then, just like that, she was across the car, giving him a tight hug. “Thank you.” His arms wrapped around her, an instinctive response. She smelled faintly of flowers, a sweet scent that teased his nose, and her body was soft against his. She tried to pull away, as if realizing what she’d just done. For an instant he was tempted to hold her, to keep her close. She’s a client. Focus. He let her go, but his body ached. “I … um … I should get inside.” Yes, she should. While he was still clutching tight to his control. The control that said he shouldn’t push her. Shouldn’t want her so much. Not when she’d already been hurt so badly. Her fingers reached for the door. “Let me,” he said, voice rumbling, and Gabe climbed from the Jag. In seconds he was on the passenger side, opening her door for her. She rose, and her body brushed against his. He stepped back. Distance. He seriously needed to put some distance between then. But even with some fast steps back, he could still smell that light and sexy scent that clung to her body.  And he still wanted her. “Your shrink asked me a lot of questions about you,” Eve told him as she stood temptingly close. Gabe inclined his head. “I’m sure—” “I think she wanted to know why I respond so much to you.” Oh, hell, she’d just said … He cleared his throat even as part of his body surged in quick response to her. “It’s a tense situation, you’re—” “You don’t look at me as if I’m a victim.” He stopped talking. “I mean, you know what I am, but you still look at me and seem to just see me … as a woman.” “Others see you the same way.” Doc Tyler sure did. Bastard. “It’s different with you,” she murmured as she stepped even closer to him. Her head had tilted back so she could look into his eyes. “I don’t know what I’ve felt for other men before.” Why did the idea of others have his body knotting with tension? “But I know that when I see you, I want.” A hushed confession. “I just … I needed to tell you that.” And he needed to make his self-control a hell of a lot stronger. Her lips were just inches from his, and he wanted her mouth beneath his. Wanted her lips open. Needed to taste her. “You’re the first man I’ve wanted since I opened my eyes in that hospital.” He could actually feel his control splintering. Client. Cli— “You probably don’t want me. I—I might not be your type.” Now her gaze had fallen, as if in embarrassment. Had she really just asked if she was his type?  She was probably every damn man’s type. “But you make me feel normal again, so I had to tell you—” His fingers curved under her chin. “Eve …” Her smile was a little too big. Too bright. “I don’t think I can handle anything else right now, I’m …” She pulled away. Stumbled onto the sidewalk. “I just wanted to tell you how I felt,” she told him again. Then she walked into the shelter, her steps hurried. As if she were running. From him. He stared after her. She wanted him. And she was so beyond his reach.

About the Author
USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden has written over twenty-five novels and novellas. She was named as a 2013 RITA® finalist for her paranormal romance, ANGEL IN CHAINS, and, in 2011, Cynthia Eden was a RITA finalist for her romantic suspense, DEADLY FEAR.
Cynthia is a southern girl who loves horror movies, chocolate, and happy endings.  She has always wanted to write (don’t most authors say that?), and particularly enjoys creating stories about monsters–vampires, werewolves, and even the real-life monsters that populate her romantic suspense stories.
Cynthia’s foreign sales for her books include translations to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.
(Back in the day…) Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology (because people interest her) and Communication (because she likes to write about said people).  Cynthia has worked as a college admissions counselor, a teacher, and as an editor. But now, Cynthia is thrilled to be spending her days making up stories.

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99 Cents! BRIDE IN BLOOM by J. B. Hartnett!

Experience the love story of Cameron 

Victoria in Bride in Bloom

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by Tate Linders

Simply Ali is excited to share with you this debut novel from Author Tate Linders! And there is something extra special about this Author. This lovely lady just turned 13 years old! 
How freaking cool is that?!  I wish I had been that dedicated when I was 13!


Melodie Crane, her twin sister, Lila, and their mother are embarking on a trip to America on the Titanic. 

What is supposed to be a rather uneventful trip turns into mystery, mayhem, and murder. 

Who will make it out alive? Will they find the person responsible for this tragedy?

Tate has always had a passion for reading all genres of books. She loves to write and draw. She is a very bright young lady who loves to learn. Tate is currently 13 years old. She lives in Seneca, Missouri where she attends school and lives with her mom and 2 sisters. She is an amazing, loving, and wonderful daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. She is a very warm-spirited young lady who has such a loving and generous heart. She has overcome a lot of events in her life which have made her a stronger person and shown her what she is capable of and the type of person she wants to be in this world. In turn, this has given her the opportunities to be able to build her character and have her light shine bright.


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Guest Post with KATIE IN LOVE Author
Chloe Thurlow!

Simply Ali welcomes Author Chloe Thurlow 

Katie Boyd has nothing in common with Tom Bridge, the volunteer doctor she meets at a party – except in bed she finds a passion to match her own. Tom is intense, puzzling, a man who cares about others and compels Katie to question her own life drifting through the hip clubs and London party scene.

When Tom returns to his post in a Sri Lanka orphanage, Katie isn’t sure if their passion was lit by its brevity, or if love, unexpected and not entirely wanted, has edged its way into her life. Should she go back to being who she always was? Or follow Tom into the unknown?

Katie in Love is a compelling erotic-romance that will grip readers as they follow Katie’s journey to an ending they may have expected – but not in the way they expected it.

Brilliantly written and coolly self-aware, Chloe Thurlow was described by KM Dylan on Amazon as “…the Ana├»s Nin of our times.” With Katie in Love  – her sixth novel – Thurlow reveals a writer at the height of her powers.

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If You Believe
By Mya O'Malley

Sometimes love only comes once in a lifetime. For some lucky people, it is possible to love again.
Melody and Jack had shared an unforgettable love story that abruptly came to an end. Melody, left picking up the pieces, finds herself alone years later, with no hope or desire to date again.  With the holiday season approaching, Melody finds it particularly difficult to get Jack out of her thoughts.

Jack isn’t sure if he’s an angel or a ghost, but his mind is set on one thing only, finding a new love for Melody by Christmas Eve at midnight.  Easier said than done, with many obstacles to tackle, Jack underestimates how difficult the task is. With conflicting emotions, Jack takes it upon himself to find a man for a woman he still loves.

With the clock ticking as the holidays approach, this charming story of finding love the second time around will have you laughing and crying, but ultimately, it will have you believing in true love.


Book Trailer


He stood, watching her, feeling every ounce of her pain, her anguish. He was probably the only one who understood what it was like to lose the person you loved, the person who was everything in the world to you.
If only he could just touch her, reach out to her, make her feel happy again. But that was just selfish on his part, wasn’t it? It wouldn’t be fair to Melody. Anybody could see that even three years later, she was still struggling. Hadn’t he always told her that if something happened to him, he would want her to fall in love again? It saddened him to think that if she continued down this cold and lonely path, she would be alone forever.
Melody had wanted it all, a home filled with children, a loving marriage. Thinking back to how happy they had once been, it broke his heart to see her this way, and it was always saddest to see her like this around the holidays, which were quickly approaching.
Jack’s mind was whirling with ideas, if only...He wished that he could talk to her just one more time, but alas, that was against the rules. If only there was some way, if only he could help her see the light. The corners of Jack’s mouth crept up as his mind took hold of an impossible thought. Would he be able to pull this off? If he did, could he ever be the same again? …

The electricity was undeniable. It was something that he should have considered, knowing how powerful their attraction and love had been in life. The look on Melody’s face was shock, confusion and curiosity all rolled into one. He would have to remember not to touch her again, it was simply too much of a risk to take. He knew that if his cover was revealed, the rules stated that he could never make contact with her again.
“What was...did you feel?” Poor Melody peered at him with those gorgeous light brown eyes of hers. There was something different about her eyes now; once they had been filled with spark and mischief, but now they were sadder, as if the light had somehow gone out. The same eyes that had looked at him with varying degrees of emotions for all those precious years they had shared together. The same eyes that held him spellbound right now. Jack didn’t know what to expect; he had no way of knowing how hard it would be to not reach out and touch this woman who was his wife, the love of his life. She evoked so much emotion in him that he had to turn his head before she saw the tears that sprang from his eyes. He had known this would be hard, but Melody took his breath away. Melody was always beautiful, but now she also appeared slightly sad and fragile. Looking down at her so many times before, he knew of her sadness, of course, but standing right here beside her, Jack could practically feel her strong emotions within his own heart.
Since he had gone to great lengths to disguise his true identity, Jack would have to do better than this. There was no way that she could recognize him by his appearance. He was once tall,
standing six foot three inches tall, maintaining a trim physique with messy light brown hair. He now stood barely five foot seven with wavy dark hair and a stocky build. The only thing about his appearance that Jack wasn’t able to change was his eyes. Nobody could change their eyes, because it was a fact that eyes were the windows to the soul.
Melody stood before him, her mouth gaping open as if she were caught in a spell. Think of something, quick, he told himself.
“Melody. I heard great things about your store. You see, I’m new to this area and I was just walking around and I figured I’d come check out your store.”
Melody appeared as if she had composed herself slightly. Clearing her throat, she finally spoke. “Where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking.”
He really should have been more prepared, how could he have forgotten how inquisitive Melody was?
“Um, I’m from down south, Florida.”
“Whereabouts? I have a friend from the Orlando area.” He should have also remembered her old college roommate from Orlando. Was Miami far enough away to field off further questions?
“Miami? What brings you all the way up north to the New York area?”
Wow, she should have been a lawyer instead of owning a business. “My job. I work in the city now and live here in the suburbs.”
“What do you do for work?”
Thinking quickly on his feet, Jack steered away from his real occupation in life, working for an insurance company.
“I work for a pharmaceutical company. I’m in sales.” That ought to do it. He was reminded of a time when Melody had quizzed him nonstop when they had first met, he had felt like he
was interviewing for a job. They had laughed many times together over that memory.
“Oh. Well, who is it that recommended you to my store?” Her eyes peered cautiously through her striking auburn hair. The long hair that was always slightly out of place, always in her eyes. Wishing that he could reach out and touch her beautiful hair just once more, he reeled himself back in.
“Just some guy at a diner recently. He raved about the selection of books and the coffee. Hmm, if I recall, he also said that you have the best cheesecake in town.” That should do it. Melody loved to bake and could go on and on about her desserts.
And that she did, thank goodness for the distraction of a good cheesecake. When Melody had stopped gushing about how she prepared her cheesecake, she caught herself and chuckled.
“You must think I’m something, rambling on like this. I’m sorry, I just realized that I didn’t catch your name.”
My name, my name. Something unusual perhaps, but fitting for a friend. “Oliver.” Where did that come from?
“Oliver. Well, Oliver, I don’t usually do this because we are closed, but would you like to try some of the cheesecake? We happen to have some left over.”
“Oliver” could tell that he had gotten on Melody’s good side. She wasn’t a particularly outgoing person. As a matter of fact, she was usually pretty shy, but he was delighted to see that he had made an impression on her. Or perhaps it was just good business sense. Either way, Oliver had succeeded in completing the first step of his mission: meeting Melody.
Melody couldn’t recall the last time that she had felt so comfortable with a total stranger. It wasn’t like she was even physically attracted to him, Oliver wasn’t her type at all. He was
the complete opposite of Jack in every way. Well, in every way except for those captivating blue eyes. It was uncanny how much Oliver’s eyes reminded Melody of Jack’s eyes. It wasn’t just the color or the shape, but it was the intensity of his gaze. That was probably why Melody had felt so comfortable with him from the start.
“I know that you’re going to think this is forward, but would you mind showing me around town sometime?”
Melody sucked in a breath and inwardly panicked.
“My girlfriend is coming up in a few weeks and I wanted to show her around a bit.” He finished.
Melody’s shoulders visibly dropped as she let out a sigh. “Sure, yes, Oliver, I think that would be fine.”

Two finished slices of chocolate cheesecake and decaf coffees later, Melody realized this was the best evening she’d had in, well, just about three years.

About The Author

Mya O’Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter and three step-daughters.  The family also consists of two boxers; Destiny and Dolce and a ragdoll cat named Colby.  Mya earned an undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy.   She works as a special education teacher and enjoys making a difference in the lives of her students. 

Mya currently has several releases: At First Sight, a contemporary romance about dating in the modern world, published by Astraea Press, and Where There is Love, a contemporary romance in which a woman struggles with past obstacles, ultimately faced with whether or not she will open her heart to love. Where There is Love is published with Solstice Publishing. Mya is excited to say that Astraea Press recently released her contemporary holiday paranormal romance titled If You Believe. Mya’s first Young Adult book is now available. Miranda’s Choice is a young adult fantasy novel published by Solstice Publishing.  Coming soon is The Calm After the Storm, published by TouchPoint Press. This novel is a contemporary romance taking place in the setting of Hurricane Sandy. The story revolves around the idea of a utility worker from Georgia falling in love with a woman in New York. 

  Mya’s passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child.   Mya spends her free time reading just about anything she can get her hands on.  She is a romantic at heart and loves to create stories with unforgettable characters.   Mya likes to travel; she has visited several Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica.   Mya is currently working on her sixth novel.   

You can find Mya at 



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Cover Reveal! PROMISES TO KEEP by Maegan Beaumont

Title: PROMISES TO KEEP (Sabrina Vaughn Book #3)
Author: Maegan Beaumont
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Release Date: August 8th, 2015
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For three years, Michael O'Shea has been forced to act as a personal assassin for Livingston Shaw, the cold-blooded puppet master who controls the remote bioweapon implanted in Michael's back. When Shaw offers to release him if he can recover a kidnapped child, Michael works with every ounce of his being to put the pieces together before all the witnesses are murdered.

Meanwhile, police Inspector Sabrina Vaughn--the woman Michael passionately loves but has been kept from seeing--discovers the body of a little boy that bears a striking resemblance to the missing child. Against all his instincts, Michael must draw Sabrina into his life as one of the world's most notorious assassins if he's to overcome the legacy of his bloodthirsty past.

Sabrina's heart slammed into her throat. She unsnapped her holster as quietly as she could, and shot a look over her shoulder. Strickland had seen it too. He drew his weapon and nodded. She lifted her SIG P220 off her hip and took aim at the curtain.

            “SFPD—I know you’re back there. Come out with your hands where I can see them,” she said in a tone that gave little doubt as to her intent if her command wasn’t followed.

            No response, just the slight flutter of the curtain that told her that who or whatever was behind it was still there.

            “I said, SFPD. Come out—”

            A pair of feet appeared, nothing more than the tops and toes. They were small and pale in the steady beam of her flashlight.

            Holy shit. It was a kid.     

            She changed tactics, softened her tone but still held firm. “It's okay, you're safe. I'm a police officer—it's okay to come out now,” she said but didn't lower her gun. There was a chance the child behind the curtain wasn't alone.

Small feet shuffled closer and a hand peeked out from the split between the curtains. The opening was pulled wider to reveal a white face—dark, vacant eyes and a sharp nose set in a face that was painfully thin. Equally thin shoulders and torso appeared as the kid moved forward slowly. Just like the dead boy upstairs, he was naked.

            “Are you alone back there?” she said. The kid didn't answer, just stared at her with those empty eyes. She motioned the child closer. “Come here, it's okay.” She looked at Strickland and tipped her head in the direction of the curtain. He nodded and moved forward, gun raised.

            Sabrina reached out and latched onto the boy's arm, pulling him toward her. The second her fingers made contact, he went crazy—swinging and shouting in a language she didn't understand.

            She dragged the boy clear of the curtain. He fought against her grip, screaming and flailing, while Strickland did a sweep of the room behind it. He came out a few seconds later. “Nothing. Just a mattress, TV and another camcorder.” he said over the din of the boy's screaming. “What the hell is he saying?”

            She shook her head and looked at the boy, saw his face, white and stretched thin with terror. He wasn't speaking English but his fear was obvious. “Shhh, shhh—it's okay. We're here to help,” she said, hoping her tone would convey the message her words couldn't.

            The boy darted away from her, nothing but a pale blur as he bolted toward freedom and she started after him, pounding up the steps, Strickland two strides behind her. She reached the top of the stairs and saw him running down the darkened hallway, darting this way and that.

            “Stop him,” she shouted, hoping the uniform at the front door would be quick enough to catch him.

            The boy cut to the left and she followed, through the living room doorway. He saw the uniform, blocking his way out and he darted to the left again, cutting across the room to the other side of the house. Toward the room where the dead boy probably still lay stretched out on the floor.

            “Don't go in there,” she said, even though he didn't understand her. He disappeared through the doorway seconds before she reached it. She skidded to a stop, blocking the doorway. The coroner, Mandy Black, hunkered down next to the body on the floor but the whole of her attention was concentrated on the boy who just burst into the room. He was crouching in the corner furthest away from the doorway, knees drawn tight against his chest by arms so thin and pale they looked like twigs, bleached white by the sun.

            He started rambling again, eyes, like miniature black holes, aimed at the body on the floor. She started to cross the threshold but Mandy threw up a hand and shook her head. Sabrina stalled out mid-stride and watched as Mandy stood, crossing the room on slow and steady feet. She said something in what sounded like the same language the boy was speaking and as if Mandy had thrown a switch, he stopped talking.

            Sabrina watched and listened. Mandy got closer and closer, still speaking the strange language in a low, easy tone that seemed to sooth the boy. It sounded Slavic—maybe Russian. Strange coming from the woman crouched on the floor. She must've asked him a question because the boy nodded, eyes suddenly flooded with tears. He started to speak again but his speech had lost its hysterical edge. Mandy got close enough to reach out and touch him but she didn't. She kept her hands at her sides, shaking her head as she crouched low and slow in front of him. She kept talking. The boy kept listening.

            “What. The. Fuck,” Strickland said behind her. “Coroner Barbie speaks gibberish.”

            “It's not gibberish, dickhead. It's Russian,” Mandy said without looking up.

            She felt a prickle, like electricity dancing along her skin. What was a Russian boy doing in an abandoned house in San Francisco? One that had obviously been held against his will?

            She looked away from the boy crouched in the corner to the one dead on the floor.

“Ask him if he knows the victim,” she said.

            Mandy spoke quietly and the boy answered, shaking his head. “No. He said he’s never seen him before.”

            Sabrina studied the boy on the floor. He was small and blond. She entered the room and squatted down next to the body. She peeled back a lid and looked at his eyes. They were milky but she could see enough of the iris to know they were light in color.

            She stood. “I need some air,” she said, brushing past Strickland on her way out the door. She could feel him watching her and she silently urged him not to follow.

            She didn't need air. She needed to call Ben, because there was a very real chance that she'd just found Leo Maddox.

Carved in Darkness (Book #1)

Past horrors bleed into a present day nightmare

Fifteen years ago, a psychotic killer abducted seventeen year old Melissa Walker. For 83 days she was raped and tortured before being left for dead in a deserted church yard... But she was still alive.

Melissa begins a new life as homicide inspector, Sabrina Vaughn. With a new face and a new name, it's her job to hunt down murderers and it's a job she does very well.

When Michael O'Shea, a childhood acquaintance with a suspicious past, suddenly finds her, he brings to life the nightmare Sabrina has long since buried.

Believing that his sister was recently murdered by the same monster who attacked Sabrina, Michael is dead set on getting his revenge--using Sabrina as bait.

Amazon US

Sacrificial Muse (Book #2)

She is his muse, and the fates require sacrifice.

San Francisco Detective Sabrina Vaughn is able to shrug off the nine red roses being delivered to her office every day. But when only eight roses arrive on the same day a Berkeley student's mutilated body is found, Sabrina fears that the killer is taunting her. Forced into a partnership with a deceitful reporter who somehow remains one step ahead of her, Sabrina discovers that she's the object of a psychopath's twisted delusion . . . and there may be no escape.

Amazon US

Maegan Beaumont is the author of CARVED IN DARKNESS, the first book in the Sabrina Vaughn thriller series (Available through Midnight Ink, spring 2013). A native Phoenician, Maegan’s stories are meant to make you wonder what the guy standing in front of you in the Starbucks line has locked in his basement, and feel a strong desire to sleep with the light on.

When she isn’t busy fulfilling her duties as Domestic Goddess for her high school sweetheart turned husband, Joe, and their four children, she is locked in her office with her computer, her coffee pot and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, and one true love, Jade. 

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